Summer English Courses

Summer English Courses
Beginners to Advanced
Course Details
English Classes: Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 12:30pm (mornings).
15 hrs per week, 3 hours per day.

Guided Activities Programme: 1.30 – 5.30pm.

This is a full time, intensive course and you will be listening to, practising and speaking English all day and every day.

There is a daily programme of afternoon & evening activities included in the package. You will explore London and visit other UK cities at the weekend.

Course Objectives
This short course has been designed specifically as an English language & holiday activity programme in London to help students maximize their learning potential in a short period of time.
Course Content
Reading, writing, listening & speaking in a fun international classroom using effective communicative methodologies inside and outside the classroom. Real English for real situations at work, at school/ university or for travel.
Class size
Average 10 students, Maximum 15 students
Adult, Teenage or Parent & Child
Starts/ Ends
Monday 10th July 2017 to Saturday 3rd September 2017

Our Summer English programme is divided into 4 sessions:

1st Session   Monday 10th July 2017 to Saturday 22nd July 2017
2nd Session   Monday 24th July to Saturday 5th August 2017
3rd Session   Monday 7th August to Saturday 19th August 2017
4th Session   Monday 21st August to Saturday 2nd September 2017

Each session is 2 weeks. We offer 2, 4, 6 or 8 week bookings.
Details of each 2 week session will be available soon. Please click here to see how much real English was learnt in London last summer 2016.