What our students say

Gabriel from Spain – August 2011 (Summer School)
I have already been, last year on another 3 week course and I am back this year. I have to say it’s really nice. I had a really great experience and I recommend it to all of you. They have really good teachers and you will learn a lot. They helped me to pass the FCE and I am sure I will pass the CAE this year. Thank you

Mindaugas from Lithuania – July 2013 (Summer School)
This month at Lexis School has been the best month of my life. I really recommend the school for everyone, for great experience, for activities after school and so on…

Audrey from France – July 2012 (Summer School)
I learned English at Lexis for 5 weeks and I think they are a very good school. Better than mine (in France) and they have very good biscuits.

Milan from Slovakia – July 2012 (Summer School)
I moved to London 3 months ago with my whole family. I try to establish my own business. First thing I have to do is to improve my English, so I found on the internet Lexis. Because I want to be special I tried to find some special school and I found a very special school with very beautiful people and fantastic teachers and I took a 6 week course. It was very interesting, very funny and it helped me a lot, so I would recommend everybody Lexis.

Ana from Spain – July 2014 (Summer School)
I have been here for 7 weeks and I had an amazing fun time at Lexis.

Chiara from Italy – August 2013 (Summer School)
I came to Lexis 2 weeks ago and I had great teachers and made many friends and I hope to come next year again.

Amit from Israel – Jan 2014 (Full Time English)
I am studying here for 3 months and I very much liked to learn here. It was a very good experience for me.

Veronica from Bolivia – Jan 2013 (Full Time English)
I have studied in Lexis for 6 months and I think my English has improved a lot. I am still an intermediate student but I feel more comfortable with my English, I feel confident as well talking with people, my understanding has improved lot, as well as my listening and now I am waiting for my speaking to improve in the same level. Lexis helped me lot.

Immaculata from Italy – June 2014 (Full Time English)
I have been studying here from January and I really enjoyed it. It was lovely and we did a lot of conversation. I feel well with this school and I will come back.

Jeanette from Spain – July 2011 (Full Time English)
I come to England because I need to improve my English. I am a Spanish teacher myself and I enjoyed myself in this Lexis school, in this class and I think they are very nice people who are in front of the school and lovely teachers. For me it has been a great and very nice experience in my life and I hope to come back to England and to this school again. Thank you.

Natalia from Poland – March 2014 (Full Time English)
I have been in this school for 6 weeks and I really enjoyed it. The tutors are very helpful and the atmosphere here is amazing.

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Clarissa from Brazil – Dec 2013 (Full Time English)
I have been in London since January last year. I was sponsored from my company in Sao Paolo. My husband came after and we decided to try Lexis in July to improve our pronunciation and we are really happy with the course, the teacher and the structure the school gives us. We really enjoyed our time here.

Nora from Hungary – July 2013 (Full Time English)
I have been in London for 3 months and I have been in this school for 10 weeks and I really enjoyed it because the lessons were really useful, fun and creative. I loved the teachers and fortunately I had the opportunity to meet many great people, so it was a great experience for me.

Monika from Poland – June 2013 (Full Time English)
I have been attending Lexis school for 4 months. I find this school very friendly. The teacher was very involved in our education, the lessons very interesting and we had many creative activities I had a lot of help from the people working here to help me arrange my life in London. I like the school very much and will come back soon.

Antonio from Italy – July 2011 (Full Time English)
It is important to attend a course at Lexis School because they are wonderful people and I learned a lot and I would like to spend more time here but I have to go back to Italy. The quality of the teachers is at a very high level. Thanks

Radana from Slovakia – June 2013 (Au Pair English)
I just came to London in June last year and started studying here in December. I like study here, I met a lot of people, made a lot of friends, I made lovely experiences. I will really miss you, I miss my friend, my lovely teachers and hopefully I will see you one time again. If you come to London you must visit our school, Lexis School and I promise you will really have a lovely time.

Marie from the Czech Republic – Dec 2014 (Au Pair English)
I have been here since April 2014. I have had a lovely time here at the school with lots of nice students and amazing teachers, so I think if you choose this school it will be the best way for you and you will love it. Enjoy your time.

Antonia from Germany – July 2011 (Au Pair English)
I came to London to be an au pair and to improve my English. I had a lot of fun here and learned a lot of English. The teachers are very nice here, the whole office is very nice, and they have always biscuits. I really liked this year and I also did my IELTS test which is very important. I was good prepared for it. The school helped me to be good prepared for it. I think I improved my English a lot.

Aleksandra from Bulgaria – April 2014 (Evening English)
I spent 20 weeks at Lexis School. This time for me was the best. I met friendly students and very good teachers. They helped me with my English. It was the best decision to study here, so if want to study come to Lexis.

Prakash from India